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Common Problems with Select Make & Models

As the ignition switch is frequently used, every time the vehicle is powered on and started, it will eventually wear out and begin to have issues. Usually a faulty ignition switch will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential issue.

Honda 2003 - Present

Mechanical Ignition locks/switches as well as door locks for Hondas between 2003 to present can go bad. The problem lies with the wafers (or pins) that are in the lock and the keys. Typically when the keys start to wear down the wafer fail to ride along the cut edge of the key how they should. When this happens, the pointed edge of the wafer gets flattened out as it falls off the cut edge and scrapes across the side of the key. When the wafers are damaged to a point that the key no longer works the only options are to replace the damaged wafers or replace the lock entirely.

Replacing the pins/wafers is typically the cheapest option, from auto parts stores a new ignition switch can cost around $450 just for the part. When you call me out to do a repair, I can typically repair and provide a fresh replacement key for around $225 (which includes my service call to come to you). From the dealership people are quoted prices in excess of $1000.

locksmith with a vehicle ignition and key in hand

Chrysler and Dodge keys reading “Bad Key”

Many Dodge and Chrysler vehicles are having issues in reading the FOBIK (or FOB) keys that are programmed to the vehicle. Often the problem lies with the SKIM Module (or the slot that reads the key located in the dash). Programming a new key will often work and get you going but in some cases the problem will recur, resulting in another key needing to be programmed. When the problem persists it’s recommended that we replace the SKIM module.

GM and Chevrolet keys not working

It seems that many Chevrolet keys have had issues with their keys and often straight off the lot. In my experience it seems that many keys that the factory has cut, are quite simply not very good. If your keys have had issues turning in either the door or Ignition one of the cheapest options is to try and cut a new key to factory specs. After this is done and the problem still persists, the next step would be to repair or replace the lock, in most cases we can repair the lock saving you a lot of money on parts.

5 Signs of a Failing Ignition

There are a few signs that you can look out for that may indicate ignition failure is on the horizon. Unfortunately many of the symptoms of this problem can indicate several other types of trouble. Regardless, if you experience any of these issues call right away for a proper diagnosis so you don't end up stranded.

If you turn the key and nothing happens there's a chance that the ignition switch is not able to create the necessary electrical pathway to get power from the battery to the starter motor. While this could also be caused simply by a dead battery you can test this by seeing if other accessories in the vehicle work, such as the radio or power windows, when the key is in the on position. If the battery is not dead there's a good chance that it is caused by an ignition issue.

Ignition switches can eventually wear out and require service.

If you suspect that your vehicle may be having an issue with the ignition switch, have the vehicle inspected by one of our professional technicians.

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